* Experienced Master of Ceremony
* Encouragement and playing of music requests
* Digital Sound System
* Appropriate Attire
* Vast Knowledge of Music from the 40s to Current Hits
* Detailed Contract to Prevent Last Minute Surprises
* Lighting and Special Effects Available
* Current Liability Insurance
* Non Restricted Travel & Scheduling
Anytime You Want The Best Music!
all star disc jockeys & karaoke Where music is a
   profession - not a hobby.
  1.  Dances
  2.  Wedding Receptions
  3.  Rehearsal Dinners
  4.  Reunions
  5.  Company Parties
  6.  Clubs
  7.  Patio Parties
  8.  Picnics
Watch the
Hall of Fame
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                 assurances you want!
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